The “father of the SMART car” Prof. Johann Tomforde at The German Design Award ceremony 2023: “I’m proud to be part of the leading team of City Transformer and share the effort to lead urban mobility to a smarter path.”



Prof. Johann Tomforde, a partner and a longtime executive consultant for City Transformer, together with the company co-founders, Dr. Asaf Formoza and Udi Meridor, attended the German Design award ceremony at the Frankfurt Messe on Friday, February 3rd.



The three Transformers received the Gold medal, granted by The German Design Council to the CT-1, the production prototype of City Transformer, for its excellence and outstanding design in the category of passenger vehicle, with jurors highlighting its revolutionary shape-shifting chassis.



“We are getting closer to the point where driving alone in cities with big-size cars will be perceived as an antisocial behavior that should be condemned and fined. The future in urban private mobility will be found in eco-friendly vehicles like the City Transformer”, added Tomforde.



The German Design Award jury described the CT-1 as: “a role model for sustainability” and “the perfect solution in urban traffic.” They also praised its compact size, its extraordinary ability to expand the width of its axles, its pleasantly spacious cockpit, and its state-of-the-art technical functions.



Dr. Asaf Formoza, co-Founder and CEO of City Transformer, said:

“We are thrilled to receive this honor from the German Design Council. This award recognizes that the CT-1 has been beautifully designed in all aspects – technologically, environmentally, aesthetically, and experientially. Our serial production vehicle will take this design one step further, giving our customers something to look forward to”.