City Transformer, the shape-shifting mini mobility start-up targets 2025 serial production with a “ready to share” solution.


  • City Transformer’s unique shape-shifting vehicle combines congestion-busting maneuverability with safety and premium comfort for the ultimate urban mobility solution
  • Successful phase one exceeded pre-order and investment targets
  • Partnerships secured with established industry leaders, Bosch Software, SDL and CECOMP
  • The second phase includes ‘ready to share’ technology integration and final preparations for serial production in early 2025



10 May 2023 – City Transformer, an EV tech disruptor from Israel, has entered the next phase of its roadmap to full commercialization, having registered more than 2,000 pre-orders, secured €20m of Series A investment, and established partnerships with global industry leaders, Bosch Software, CECOMP, and Stockholm Design Lab (SDL).



Phase two will see the marque begin series production feasibility testing of its unique shape-shifting serial model CT-2 in Turin, Italy, with experienced European automotive manufacturing specialist, CECOMP.



City Transformer’s collaboration with world-renowned Bosch Sofware is the first step towards next-generation in-car connectivity user experiences and will enable the automaker to become the first to offer ‘ready to share’ hardware and software straight off the production line. And to mark the huge strides it has made, its work with SDL sees a smart new brand identity for the company.




The CT-2 will be the first production model for City Transformer. With an innovative shape-shifting chassis, the mini car was conceived to dramatically reduce congestion and transform the freedom of mobility in cities.



Combining the agility of a motorcycle with the safety, performance, and comfort of a car, the CT-2 is 1.4m wide in Performance mode, contracting to just 1.0m wide in City mode, allowing it to pass through traffic freely. CT-2 drivers are also ten times more likely to find a parking space as the vehicle’s 2.5m length and narrow width enable parking perpendicular to the curb. Four CT-2s are able to fit into one standard parking space, providing an attractive solution for citizens in cities where demand for parking exceeds capacity, especially where administrations are currently removing on-street parking.



City Transformer recently selected Italian car manufacturer CECOMP to lead the pre-production engineering process in preparation for full serial production, which is due to start in early 2025. Pre-production engineering will include the immediate production of a mule vehicle at CECOMP’s Turin facility. CECOMP, founded in 1978, has been at the forefront of EV development and production for more than ten years. The Italian company has five production sites across Europe, and counts Renault, Volkswagen, Alpine, Aston Martin, McLaren, and Microlino in its portfolio of clients.



Future mobility solution

The CT-2’s unique shape-shifting chassis will help to solve current congestion problems, which at present see drivers spending up to 156 hours a year stuck in traffic. The global push towards electrification will improve the quality of life for the 55% of people who live in densely populated cities. However, replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles with electric vehicles (EV) will not solely resolve the issue of congestion. City Transformer aims to be a leading part of the movement to change the way we move within urban areas, demonstrated by its commitment to be the world’s first ‘ready to share from production’ automaker.



The integration of the current demo system of Bosch Software’s connectivity solution will help City Transformer to become the world’s first automaker to provide ‘ready to share’ vehicles directly from the production line and will enable any CT-2 to be immediately and seamlessly personalized to any user, anywhere in the world, via a specialist smartphone app. CT-Connect will enable any service provider to become a shared fleet owner and offer a premium urban mobility solution to its customers, while a white-labeled version of the app will also allow for co-branding.



Updated vision

As part of the next phase of development, City Transformer has recently carried out its own rebranding exercise, in partnership with renowned branding consultants, SDL, who have previously supported market positioning efforts for Polestar, Adidas, and Coca-Cola. As well as a redesign of City Transformer’s existing logo, SDL supported the brand to reshape the future of urban mobility, both through vehicle design and its customer proposition.



Asaf Formoza, CEO and Co-Founder of City Transformer said: “Achieving our phase one ambition and entering the next stage of development with experienced partners is a very important validation of our approach. We enter the next stage of our roadmap supported by CECOMP, Bosch, and SDL to continue our pursuit of a new era for urban mobility. We see a smarter approach in which cities are for people, not cars. This must come without compromise, and quality engineering, production, and brand positioning are crucial to the CT-2’s mission in reshaping urban mobility.”



City Transformer has so far exceeded 1,000 private pre-orders across Europe and has agreed to provide a further 1,000 vehicles to the Israeli rescue organization United Hatzalah, for immediate response to emergency medical emergencies in urban areas.



Europe remains a key regional focus for CT-2 sales, with aftersales support to be available across key markets in western, central, and northern Europe prior to first customer deliveries.



The CT-2 is currently available to pre-order for 16,000 EURO with a refundable deposit of €150 via






Notes to Editors

4 CT-2s can fit into a 2.8m x 5.0m standard parking space



About City Transformer:

City Transformer was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2014. This is where the company’s headquarters and research & development are located. However, City Transformer is a global organization with a truly global vision. City Transformer is a unique auto-tech company: it designs, develops, and produces innovative foldable smart electric vehicles for big international cities. City Transformer’s prototype product – the CT-1 – is a pioneering all-electric emissions-free microcar that dramatically reduces traffic chaos in metropolitan areas. ‘Mobility as a Service’ is the ethos that underpins City Transformer. It is this vision that will start the revolution in intelligent, clean, and efficient mobility – offering road users a new sense of sustainable freedom.



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