• Pioneering mobility innovator wins highly coveted ‘Start-up Award’ from Mind Shifter, the forward-thinking technology competition from Shift Mobility
  • City Transformer overcomes fierce international competition to secure the Mind Shifter title, including beating two leading-edge entrants in the final round
  • City Transformer’s trailblazing vision for urban mobility and its breakthrough all-electric CT-1 microcar hugely impresses the Mind Shifter council
  • High-tech CT-1 transforms its size in real-time on the road to outsmart traffic and fit in tight parking spaces, ensuring it is the ideal urban mobility solution
  • The City Transformer team – along with the award-winning CT-1 – is located in Hub 27 at Shift Mobility in Berlin Messe
  • Shift Mobility and Mind Shifter are part of the globally renowned IFA consumer electronics showpiece
  • Momentum continues to build for City Transformer: the tech start-up is also named ‘Top Design Winner’ at the 2022 European Product Design Awards

2 September 2022 – City Transformer has won the highly-coveted Start-up Award from Mind Shifter, the prestigious future-looking technology innovation competition from Shift Mobility.

The Mind Shifter Council named City Transformer as its top tech start-up having closely assessed the company’s trailblazing vision for urban mobility and its breakthrough all-electric shape-shifting CT-1 microcar.

The CT-1 – along with the victorious City Transformer team – are located in Hub 27 at Shift Mobility, which is currently taking place at the Berlin Messe. Shift Mobility, which is part of the globally renowned IFA consumer electronics showcase, is a celebration of all things mobility tech and innovation.

“Winning the Mind Shifter ‘Start-up Award’ is an outstanding achievement for the hugely talented and dedicated City Transformer team,” said Dr. Anat Bonshtien, Vice President for Business Development at City Transformer.

“We believe our vision and our CT-1 shape-shifting microcar represent the future for urban mobility. It’s inspiring and confidence-boosting to know that the Mind Shifter Council thinks likewise.

“City Transformer had to beat a lot of seriously impressive high-tech start-ups to win this award. The competition is outstanding, and we urge everybody to come to Hub 27 to see us and the competitor start-ups that pushed us all the way in the Mind Shifter competition.

“Hub 27 is also home to the Mind Shifter winner: our visionary CT-1 all-electric shape-shifting microcar. The CT-1 really is a one-of-its-kind mobility solution. To see it is to believe it. We stand on the cusp of a new era in mobility – and at the very forefront of that era is the CT-1.”

Fierce Competition

From an initial first-round judging process that included no fewer than ten respected and innovative start-ups, the Mind Shifter Council selected three entrants for the final, where City Transformer went head-to-head with THEO and VePa – Vertical Parking.

The tech start-ups that impressed during the first round but ultimately didn’t make the final included Second Ride, recyclehero, DTS, and RadSee.

After careful deliberation in the final round of judging, the highly respected Mind Shifter council named City Transformer as the winner of the coveted “Start-up Award’. City Transformer’s pioneering vision for urban mobility – and the shape-shifting zero-emissions CT-1 – were the defining factors that won over the Mind Shifter Council.

Awards Keep Rolling In

Prior to claiming the Mind Shifter award at Shift Mobility, the 2022 European Product Design Awards named the CT-1 as its Top Design Winner.

The European Product Design Awards recognize the efforts of talented international product and industrial designers working on technologies and concepts that have the potential to improve societies and communities across the world. With its zero-emissions mobility and revolutionary shape-shifting capability, the CT-1 took first place at the European Product Design Awards.

Eyal Cremer, co-founder and chief designer at City Transformer, said: “To be named Top Design Winner at the 2022 European Product Design Awards is a very proud moment for the City Transformer design team. This added recognition is further proof that we are on the right forward path and our vision and ethos is shared by the wider global design communities.”

Mobility Gamechangers

At the nucleus of City Transformer is the first model in its product range – the CT-1. The all-electric two-seat, four-wheel, microcar features proprietary shape-shifting technology that transforms its wheelbase in real-time and on the road to outsmart traffic and fit into tight urban parking spaces.

The CT-1’s underpinnings are based on the company’s in-house developed and highly advanced modular skateboard architecture that ensures the foldable microcar is a perfect fit for inner city life, where being behind the wheel of a vehicle is often a stressful, time-consuming, expensive, and arduous experience.

With its revolutionary active width adjustment technology – the CT-1 can ‘fold’ from its 1.4-meter width to an ultra-compact one-meter measurement on the road in real-time while driving – the all-electric microcar delivers a mobility breakthrough in overcoming congestion, parking challenges, pollution, and electric vehicle (EV) running costs.

Weighing just 590kg – including the battery pack which is 80% smaller in mass compared with most other standard EV batteries on the market today – the CT-1 offers an outstanding 180km real-world zero-emissions driving range. The time it takes to do a weekly shop for the family – 30 minutes – is also the impressively short turnaround the CT-1 needs to recharge its batteries from 10% to 80%.

The advanced architecture also ensures the CT-1 is an engaging drive that is fun and full of character.

The CT-1 is undergoing further honing and optimization on European roads in preparation for series production in 2024.

Sitting alongside the CT-1 at the core of City Transformer is the company’s bold vision to develop a unique mobility service model that will further transition radical change across large and densely populated cities. As part of this ambitious strategy, which will first be rolled out across Europe, City Transformer will tailor its ingenious mobility tech solutions so that they perfectly fit the requirements of a private, business fleet, public and commercial use, including the last-mile delivery sector.