• Pioneering mobility start-up joins forces with global engineering powerhouse to further the development of breakthrough all-electric foldable microcar
  • The partnership spans the entire development phase – from the concept stage through to the start of production
  • City Transformer’s first model – the CT-1 – is the world’s first all-electric microcar that transforms its chassis to outsmart traffic and fit tight spaces
  • CT-1 scheduled for series production in 2024


4 July 2022 – City Transformer, an EV tech disruptor from Israel, has selected SEGULA Technologies as its engineering development partner. The move will see the two companies use their expertise, know-how, and innovation to further develop the pioneering all-electric foldable CT-1 microcar.


The agreement represents another major milestone in City Transformer’s journey, which first started in 2014. With its extensive global network and cutting-edge expertise in the automotive industry, SEGULA will support the CT-1 development team across all aspects of design, engineering, and technology implementation. SEGULA’s input into the project will also extend to prototype as well as pre-production testing of the CT-1, including homologation and final validation in preparation for market launch.


Across the last eight years, City Transformer engineering teams have steadfastly advanced and optimized the CT-1 concept, to the point that the development program is now on its seventh-generation microcar iteration.


In the first stage of the collaboration with SEGULA’s engineers based in France, Germany, Israel, and Australia, a feasibility phase will be undertaken that is expected to conclude later this year.


Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Asaf Formoza, City Transformer CEO, said: “We created the CT-1 based on our vision of what smart urban mobility could – and should – become. In a short amount of time, we have designed, developed, and homologated CT-1 prototype vehicles as we look to make our vision a reality. But to bring to market an innovative product such as the CT-1 is no easy task – especially for a young start-up like City Transformer. It’s this awareness, focus, and dedication that has got us to where we are today.


“However, to take things to the next level – and prepare the CT-1 for full market launch – we are delighted to have chosen SEGULA Technologies as our partner headed forward. SEGULA’s deep know-how, extensive expertise, and rich experience is an ideal fit for a mobility disruptor such as us. I truly believe this is a win-win partnership.”


Stéphane Le Corre, CEO of the International Division at SEGULA Technologies, added: “We are proud that City Transformer has entrusted us with the full development of their flagship and highly innovative debut vehicle. This is an exciting adventure driven by automotive passion and underpinned with the desire to make urban mobility smarter, cleaner, and easier. We look forward to partnering with the City Transformer engineering teams as we advance the development of the CT-1.



Transforming urban mobility

The CT-1 is an all-electric two-seat, four-wheel, microcar that features proprietary shape-shifting technology that transforms its chassis in real-time and on the road to outsmart traffic and fit into tight urban spaces. As a result, the CT-1 has been heralded as a mobility game-changer for urban living, helping to transform the city landscape into a cleaner, greener, and quieter space while operating seamlessly with high-tech and optimized transport solutions.


The CT-1’s underpinnings are based on the City Transformer’s in-house developed and highly advanced modular skateboard architecture that ensures the foldable microcar is a perfect fit for inner city life, where being behind the wheel of a vehicle is often a stressful, time-consuming, expensive and arduous experience.


With its revolutionary active width adjustment patented technology – the CT-1 can ‘fold’ from its 1.4-meter width to an ultra-compact one-meter measurement on the road in real-time while driving – the all-electric microcar delivers a true mobility breakthrough in overcoming congestion, parking problems, pollution and electric vehicle running costs.


The advanced architecture also ensures the CT-1 is an engaging drive that is fun and full of character.


Weighing just 590kg – including the battery pack which is 80% smaller in mass compared with most other standard electric vehicle (EV) batteries on the market today – the CT-1 offers an outstanding 180km real-world zero-emissions driving range. The time it takes to do a weekly shop for the family – 30 minutes – is also the impressively short turnaround the CT-1 needs to recharge its batteries from 10% to 80%.


At a full 1.4-meter width, the CT-1 has a top speed of 90km/h; when it’s at a one-meter width, the speed is capped at 45km/h. Tests have shown that the all-electric microcar is much safer than scooters and e-bikes.


Studies have also shown that thanks to its innovative changing dimensions and overall compact package, CT-1 drivers are 10 times more likely to find parking spots. They also benefit from greatly reduced time having to be spent behind the steering wheel and far cheaper everyday EV running costs. In fact, the CT-1 is twice as efficient as other typical EVs on the market today.


The CT-1 is scheduled to enter series production in 2024. City Transformer is offering individuals the chance to be early adopters of disruptive EV technology by pre-ordering the CT-1. The ‘future vehicle of urban mobility can now be pre-ordered for a refundable €150 via





About City Transformer

City Transformer was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2014. This is where the company’s headquarters and research & development are located. However, City Transformer is a global organization with a truly global vision. City Transformer is a unique auto-tech company: it designs, develops, and produces innovative foldable smart electric vehicles for big international cities. City Transformer’s first product – the CT-1 – is a pioneering all-electric emissions-free microcar that dramatically reduces traffic chaos in metropolitan areas. ‘Mobility as a Service’ is the ethos that underpins City Transformer. It is this vision that will start the revolution in intelligent, clean, and efficient mobility – offering road users a new sense of sustainable freedom.


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About SEGULA Technologies

SEGULA Technologies is a global engineering group that contributes to increasing competitiveness in all major industries: Automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, rail, marine, life sciences, and telecoms industries. The Group operates in more than 30 countries with 140 offices worldwide and maintains close customer relationships thanks to the expertise of 12,000 employees. As a leading engineering specialist that puts innovation at the heart of its strategy, SEGULA Technologies carries out major projects ranging from technical studies to industrial applications and production.


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